[Vwdiesel] Engine eating pulley

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Mon Feb 16 15:44:39 PST 2009

The bolts are 19mm spanner or 3/4" spanner.
If you could make a tool that 'grippped' 2 teeth, that would be best, 
however the teeth are very strong, and at a larger radius  than parts of the 
crank are under les strain
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> Thanks for the pics
> The bolt I have looks different to both of these. It's a standard hex head
> that is 20mm (I think I said 15mm in my previous email). Anyway, I have
> ordered a new pulley and the new type bolt, which will be with me on
> Wednesday.
> With regard to holding the crank still, the engine is still in the van, so
> the only purchase I can get on the flywheel is a something like a crowbar 
> or
> a large, flat-bladed screwdriver or similar through the timing spy-hole 
> and
> jam it between the teeth. I am worried that the torque of the gun would
> strip a few teeth off the flywheel though. I am reluctant to drop the pan 
> if
> I can help it, but if it is the only way.....
> Iain.
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>> Iain, the new Bolt replaces the thick washer so don't worry about that.
>> Here is a Picture of the Tool I made for the Crankshaft Pully and the New
>> Bolt.  I don't remember the Torque spec for the Bolt but it isn't 150 lbs
>> and 180 degrees like someone else said on a prior email.  It's something
>> like 60# and 90 degrees.
>> It's the same Bolt they use for the later TDI's.  Old on left, New on
>> right.
>> Rudy
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>> Hi and thank you all once again for coming to my rescue. It's a huge
>> relief
>> to hear that I probably don't need to strip the crankshaft out.
>> It's a 1985, 1.6 TD in a T3 camper (vanagon) - Standard European spec. It
>> has a 15mm bolt and a thick washer. The washer is smooth on both 
>> surfaces,
>> although it could well have been different before hand, as there is now
>> nothing left of the key-way on the pulley! Looks like I'll have to order 
>> a
>> new bolt and washer when I order a pulley.
>> Would it be possible to block-up the fly-wheel instead of removing the
>> pan?
>> Or would the torque needed strip the teeth???
>> Iain.
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