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Hi Rod
I was thinking about you only a few days ago.
Not sure about your power thingy but I guess with that gear reduction you 
will have 24x-ish the stalling torque that you started with. 3phase to 
single? Something slightly better than half power perhaps. (1/sqroot 3)
springs to mind [sort of] LOL
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Sorry this is a bit off topic but I know there are people here who can do 
this stuff in their sleep and to be honest electricity and me just do not 
get along...

I have built a few felt rolling machines and on the last one I used a .65kw 
3phase motor converted to single phase use with a capacitor. This I have 
been told, reduces the power
available so firstly can anyone tell me how to work out what the equivalent 
wattage would be now??

Secondly; it's running at 1450rpm, with a gearbox on it, resulting in about 
60rpm output. Can anyone tell me how to work out how much 
power/torque/momentum (or whatever it's called... ) is being produced on the 
final drive shaft?? I want to know how "strong" it is...

I need a number and a unit so I can work backwards and find something that 
has similar power/force capabilities, but possibly less kw/3phase/more 
rpm/different gearing and final drive speed options...

You can tell I have no idea what I'm talking about can't you...
Any advice would be greatly appreciated...

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