[Vwdiesel] tdi in 72 bus

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I have a DK Code Vanagon Transmission for sale.  This is what people use
when they do a Turbo Diesel conversion into a Vanagon, Taller Final Drive
Gears than the Vanagon Diesel Transmission.  This is from an 83 Air Cooled
Gas Vanagon.


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i found a tdi block and trans. is it possible to put these in a type 2 bus?
do i have to use a bus transaxle?
if i do i assume the gas trans gearing wouldn't work?
maybe both tdi trans and block with new mounting configuration? probably too
high, but weight wouldnt be hanging out back?
maybe a diesel vanagon trans?  hard to find and expensive but im willing to
look for one if thats what itll take> would the gearing be close or will it
be too slow and limited.
would that be  samba topic or  wade thru vortex thanks again

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