[Vwdiesel] tdi in 72 bus

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You can't just throw a TDI and its gearbox ahead of the rear axle in the type 2, since that is where the suspension anchors and the torsion bars go.  You need to use a bus box, and hang the TDI off the rear.  You can use a diesel gearbox, but nothing after AHU/1Z work well at that angle.  There are several aftermarket bellhousings that will adapt an inline engine sitting upright, but then you have to raise the engine cover to clear.  There are infinite ratios available for the top two gears in Type 2 boxes.

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> In a message dated 2/20/2009 4:28:54 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
> adamanderr at hotmail.com writes:
> > i found a tdi block and trans. is it possible to put these in a 
> type 2 bus?
> > do i have to use a bus transaxle?
> > if i do i assume the gas trans gearing wouldn't work?
> > 
>  I'd presume it'd be simplest to use the diesel Vanagon setup but 
> it sounds like that gasser tranny that Rudy has would work, even 
> better since it's taller geared.  That'd be the main reason to try 
> and use a TDI tranny but then you have to build a shift mechanism 
> from scratch and set the engine in the middle of the van instead 
> of 
> the rear.
>  With VW you never know, the final drive gear or some of the 
> tranny 
> gears might even be interchangeable for a custom ratio tranny!
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