[Vwdiesel] tdi in 72 bus

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Sun Feb 22 20:30:53 PST 2009

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davevw at yahoo.com writes:

> This afternoon I was daydreaming about a TDI in a old beetle.  I wondered 
> if, because the engine would be so efficient and not have to push around much 
> weight, if a couple heater cores placed in series on either side of the 
> engine compartment wouldn't suffice for cooling in that car.  That would make for 
> a much cleaner install.

  How about something along the lines of a 911 A/C condenser?  A 
radiator aong the engine compartment intake vents at the top of 
the hood, then a fan to pull the air through?  Basically what you're 
saying but a little more out of sight.

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