[Vwdiesel] tdi in 72 bus

Terry Briggs vbriggs at stny.rr.com
Mon Feb 23 02:55:47 PST 2009

an automatic out of an '86 and up vanagon should be stout enough to 
handle the tdi. I've know a couple people that have shoehorned a buick 
v-6 into a vanagon and used the stock slushbox with no issues.
On Feb 22, 2009, at 10:57 PM, Dave Cook wrote:

> I've seen a bay window bus with a TDI installed, and it was at the 
> normal 15 degree angle.  The engine covers on the earlier type 2s 
> (split and bay) are higher up, so fitment shouldn't be much of an 
> issue.  It is true on a Vanagon that they don't fit at 15 degrees, but 
> they have a lower engine cover.
> I've got a '78 bus that will one day get a TDI engine, but not till I 
> find a good deal!
> I would probably recommend getting the trans rebuilt to beef it up 
> some, and get gearing set up right.  I think I'd just rebuild the 
> existing one to the right specs rather than find a vanagon trans that 
> is a compromise and fool with making it work in the bus (like the side 
> shifter, mounts, etc).  Though I don't think the flat four motors 
> revved up much more than a TDI, maybe it would be useable with the 
> current trans...?
> For a radiator, I've thought about a couple options, either a bigger 
> one mounted between the frame rails under the bus, just like the air 
> conditioning coils were.  Or, a couple small radiators on either side 
> of the engine compartment by where the batteries are, so air can come 
> down through the former air intake vents up top and through.
> This afternoon I was daydreaming about a TDI in a old beetle.  I 
> wondered if, because the engine would be so efficient and not have to 
> push around much weight, if a couple heater cores placed in series on 
> either side of the engine compartment wouldn't suffice for cooling in 
> that car.  That would make for a much cleaner install.
> Dave Cook
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>> You can't just throw a TDI and its gearbox ahead of the
>> rear axle in the type 2, since that is where the suspension
>> anchors and the torsion bars go.  You need to use a bus box,
>> and hang the TDI off the rear.  You can use a diesel
>> gearbox, but nothing after AHU/1Z work well at that angle.
>> There are several aftermarket bellhousings that will adapt
>> an inline engine sitting upright, but then you have to raise
>> the engine cover to clear.  There are infinite ratios
>> available for the top two gears in Type 2 boxes.
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