[Vwdiesel] 7-7-7

William J Toensing toensing at wildblue.net
Mon Feb 23 03:13:26 PST 2009

To my knowledge, TopGear is a British car magazine published by the BBC. They also have an automotive comedy show that appears on Monday nights on BBC America. You can watch it on Dish satellite channel 135. Don't know about various cable channels or Direct TV satellite. If you are a gear head you will most likely enjoy these shows, especially if you enjoy seeing foreign as opposed to American iron & many cars you can't buy in the USA. However, keep in mind their orientation is towards speed vs. economy. Also, the 70 MPG probably relates to Imperial vs. USA gallons. FYI for converting, one USA gallons= 3.785 liters. 
This article makes me wonder how easy it would be to transplant a 3 cylinder VW Polo TDI diesel into a first generation Rabbit. Also, to you members living in the UK, how much are good used Polo TDI engines going for in the UK in junk yards? I think you call them "breaker" yards. For that matter, what would a good Ford Focus diesel engine & manual transmission go for? Or would a Focus diesel engine bolt up to a Focus gas engine transmission? As you in the UK probably know, we can't get the diesel Focus here but I believe it is legal in most states to convert gas car to a diesel.

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