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We go to Disneyland quite often, and usually take the Golf TDI.  I live in Loveland, CO, and was able to drive from here to St. George Utah on a tank.  Usually, I only need to fill once on the way, second tank is in AZ on the way back, and the third is when I get back to Denver-ish.  It's amazing how huge a range that car has.  It's 1062 miles from here to there.


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>Just got back from taking a family trip to Disney.  Drove the B5 Passat 
>here (Yorkton SK) to Anheim and back.  Used just under 200 bucks of 
>fuel, total distance of 6245km.
>Did the Pocatello Idaho to home leg yesterday average speed of only 
>109kph for 1450 km.  Was a nice leisurely drive.
>I enjoyed your low diesel prices very much.
>High was N dakota (2.75), Low was in Idaho (1.19)
>Gotta love those interstates.
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