[Vwdiesel] 82 VW Rabbit with no lap belt

Dave Cook davevw at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 24 18:09:34 PST 2009

As I'm thinking about this and typing it, I realize that it is a little silly to be perfectly willing to drive a car with really old seatbelts and not think of it ('73 Beetle and '78 Bus), but I'd be nervous buying seatbelts out of a car in a wrecking yard.

I am very sure that even the rabbits that had the door seatbelts have all the mountings for 3-point belts.  I would be inclined to buy a set of universal belts that would fit that mounting.  It would be pretty easy.

Dave Cook

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> >  Here's the question. It has a shoulder belt that
> goes across and clicks 
> > into the door, but there is no lap belt. My wife wants
> me to put some sort of 
> > lap belt in it before my son gets it. Do any you know
> how I would do that or 
> > where I would get the belts? 
> > 
>   It has the "automatic" seat belts.  It's
> clipped to the door so 
> when you shut the door, your shoulder strap is on and in
> place.  
> The stupid knee bar is there to break your legs and be in
> place 
> of a lap belt.  ;-)  I personally don't like them and
> would swap 
> them out and eliminate the knee bar too.
>   Some had them, some didn't.  Doesn't seem to be
> particularly 
> year or model dependant.  Just check the wrecking yards.
>     Loren
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