[Vwdiesel] More Quantum Questions? Injection Pump

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Sat Feb 28 08:57:53 PST 2009

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toensing at wildblue.net writes:

> In respect to the fuel cut off solenoid, I would suspect that the plunger 
> should be attached to the plunger so it could move up &not be loose with the 
> small coil spring forcing the plunger down to shut off the fuel supply. How do 
> I re attach the plunger to the solenoid? Or is it supposed to remain 
> attached &is my solenoid defective, although I can hear it click, but not as loud as 
> before. If I need a new IP fuel shut off solenoid, can I buy it separately &
> where?

  The plunger just sits there inside the coil portion with the spring 
pushing it down unless the coil is activated.  Haven't pulled more 
than a couple.  Mine just sits there like that, no snap, retainment 
or anything.  Works fine.  
  Like Mark suggested, make sure if you do or don't have fuel.  You 
already know it ran before so air and timing should still be right if 
you did this in the car.  That just leaves fuel delivery, which you 
had issues with at the beginning.  

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