[Vwdiesel] Big Problems with Engine (I think)

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Thu Jan 1 10:59:29 PST 2009

Well,not much to go by Jason.
More info required...

You are saying the oil cap was off by itself, or was it just forgotten?
If forgotten, that would explain the smoke, oil jumped out by itself, 
got on stuff, smokes...

How much smoke we talking about?

Nothing in there to make a big bang to blow it off really, unless a 
piston failed.

Half mile is just about right for the filter to plug from fuel gelling.

running for  a few seconds, then stopping is about right for fuel 
gelling too.

Is the clear piece of fuel line visibly clear due to absent fuel , or 
has bubbles or good fuel, full etc?

Where are you, how cold, car used regularly?

Oil light sez what when it does run?
wire to fuel stop solenoid is secure?
makes noise when running? (noise out of ordinary that is...)
When it does run, how is the exhaust note- are all the mice running on 
their wheels, or does it sound like one is dead, and tumbling along 
while the rest trip over their recently expired comrade?


Jason and Lori Stoffer wrote:
> Hello all,
> Every time a post a problem with my 80 vw rabbit pickup you always
> come through!  Here's another one-  Driving down the road only half
> mile from the house and then total loss of power with some smoke (?),
> maybe a bang (?).  Pulled over and the oil cap was off, laying on top
> of the engine.  Replaced oil cap, checked oil and tried to start
> engine fires and runs for about 3-4 seconds then dies.  It will
> continue to fire and run for 3-4 seconds but I don't want to destroy
> it so haven't touched it since.  Not very fun. Any help would be
> greatly appreciated.
> Thanks, Jason
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