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> I was looking at turning down my max fuel screw on the turbo Caddy to
> improve fuel mileage when I found out my throttle lever is reversed. The
> idle screw is toward the front of the Caddy and the max fuel screw is toward
> the head. The bracket that holds the cable is mounted on the head side of
> the aneroid.

  From my experience turning down the max fuel doesn't do anything other 
that short you on power unless you're blowing black smoke.  Not just a 
little black smoke, somewhat of a cloud.  Dunno just why but on two or 
three different ones my mileage went up a mile or two or at worst stayed 
about the same.

> How difficult is switching the throttle lever to the proper position with
> the cable toward the front of the Caddy? Can it be as simple as remove the
> lever, switch the cable bracket and reinstall the lever in the correct
> position? I expect that the toothed rod coming out of the injector pump
> needs to be rotated 180 before reinstalling the lever.

  Why do you want to reverse it?  Not like it's standard but since 
you have a proper bracket for how it's positioned, it sounds like that 
pump came off of something else.  Any idea what it's off of?  Does 
it have a vw part number (068-130-x x x _) as well as the bosch 
number on the flat, ID section?  Post it and we'll see if we can cross 
it to an application.

> What is the instrument called that is used to set the idle speed and the max
> fuel speed. It measures the fuel pulses as the injector pump sends fuel to
> the cylinders.

   A tachometer.  You just need a special pickup to get a sigal from 
a diesel injection pipe or use the vibrating reeds type like RC planes 
also use.  Most idle speeds are set so it idles fast enough 
but not so fast that things rattle and vibrate.  There's usually a 
speed it'll set to where the harmonics don't make the dash bounce 
and your ears buzz.

> Can this reversed throttle cable position affect the mileage I'm getting?
> The Bentley says it should be mid-40s, I'm getting high 30s. The Bentley
> also says the mid-40 range is for temperatures above freezing which we
> haven't had much of lately.

  That's kind of like saying will my day go better if I put the left 
leg of my pants on first instead of the right.  The side a lever 
pulling a rotary shaft from should have less than no effect on 
the efficiency of the engine.
  Milage varies.  During the winter months (Oct to Mar) don't be 
surprised to lose as much as 5mpg.  My Passat GAINED 3 mpg 
just by replacing the not so bad looking tires on it.  My 914 
lost about 15 mpg by using the recommended tire pressures 
instead of the 32psi max.  Cold weather, idling, snow/rolling 
resistance, thick oil, colder operating temps, low tire pressures 
from neglect or cold weather all can and generally DO affect 

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