[Vwdiesel] Big Problems with Engine (I think)

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Sun Jan 4 23:26:28 PST 2009

Jason and Lori Stoffer wrote:
> Hello all.  Thank you for the suggestions so far.  I will attempt to
> tighten the head bolts and see if that helps. 

I would avoid that just for now. More cats might fall out of the bag.

  I realize that I
> didn't give very specific info on the incident as it happened this
> fall.  In response to some of your questions-
> I don't think it is a gelling issue because it was in the 40's or so
> when the power loss occurred.

Then fuel filter, air leak on the pump suction side, belt jumped a tooth 
as Loren suggested.
Check the T belt see if it is loose, or oily.
> The oil cap seemed to have come off by itself. Blown off? It is an
> aftermarket cap.


> Remember it will fire and run for a few seconds before dying again so
> I don't think the chain may have slipped.

No chain, belt.

> As for some more information.  The engine is a golf diesel I believe
> and it had two exhaust outlets, one of which was just covered with a
> plate and the other is serving as the main exhaust to the muffler and
> tail pipe. 

Sounds like a gas manifold with one hole blocked off maybe?  They had 
dual outlets, and fit a diesel.  A sort of popular mod at one point was 
to use that, but you lose the scavenging from the 4 into one that the 
diesel manifold has.   Diesel manifold does require futzing with wedges 
to get the clamp that holds the swivel together off, but there are tools 
for that that are easy to make.

  The cover blew off a while back and rigged up something
> temporary. There is still exhaust leak into the engine compartment
> which a think cycles back into the air intake (my filter is always
> jet black) 

Sounds like it, yes.  Check the manifold bolts too.

and there is oil puddling in the air intake behind the
> filter.  Could this have anything to do with the my engine problems?

Normal for a higher mile engine.  oil mist from blowby leaves via the 
crankcase vent on the valve cover, to the manifold, and pools at the bottom.

> I will try to heat up the garage and tinker this week.... Will let
> you know what I find.
> Thanks, Jason
CHeck timing.  You have manuals? tools? to do that sort of thing?

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