[Vwdiesel] Big Problems with Engine (I think)

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> Sounds like a gas manifold with one hole blocked off maybe?  They had 
> dual outlets, and fit a diesel.  A sort of popular mod at one point was 
> to use that, but you lose the scavenging from the 4 into one that the 
> diesel manifold has.   Diesel manifold does require futzing with wedges 
> to get the clamp that holds the swivel together off, but there are tools 
> for that that are easy to make.

  The 1.5 diesels all had 4-2-1 manifolds and downpipes.  They 
seemed to breathe very nicely once you put a big enough pipe 
behind them.  The early 4-1 was awful (not sure if the diesel got 
that one or not).  It had no split.  They soon changed them to 
have an internal divider for a pseudo 4-2 arrangement.  As I 
recall anyway...

  Yup, my thought is that the oil cap came off, oil got on the belt, 
belt jumped a tooth and now it's off time.  You've not said if it 
smokes during that short time it starts and runs.  

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