[Vwdiesel] Big problems with engine

travis gottschalk tgott at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 5 17:00:07 PST 2009

My rebuilt non turbo engines have oil behind the air filter almost right away. It happens with that engine design it seems. I even have the oil baffle in both engines. Granted I sold one of the two for a turbo but point is they both (and now my only non turbo) did and still do the oil thing. I had a belt (not chain, although the 09's diesel have chains) that slipped a tooth. I thought I blew the engine untill I checked the timing. Did it while driving at 60 MPH and a big cloud of black smoke and crappy running  I shut it down and came back ready to tow it with tools in hand. I retimed in on the road and it ran fine. Although mine skipped because something got in the tooth (at I found the hole a couple days later and then replaced the belt as well but caught it soon enough where it was only the belt and not the engine I had to replace. Exhaust isn't doing you engine any good but an EGR (exhaust gas 
recirculation) does the same thing on newer engines just not all the time. 
The oil cap, does it have metal flanges that keeps in on to the metal valve cover? If so is anything bent or broke. If not then the cap wasn't on or on correctly. Something has to give. If something was broke on the cap or valve cover was it broke from before or did it happen with the bang you had. Think out side of the box. I would first check timing of everything and make sure you are getting fuel. A hand pump from a boat motor (about $12 at walmart in the fishing section) helps with priming and helps if it is before the fuel filter (so after the tank or before the filter on either of the two rubber lines. after the filter doesn't work as well but does still work. You still could have a plugged filter if something released in the tank. No to mention I think the fuel filters aren't suppose to let larger amounts of water though so that may have plugged it as well. Just spend the money for the filter, prime it and check timing and then see what happens. 
Travis G 
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