[Vwdiesel] 1998 tdi no start

jonathan hoehl jjhoehl at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 12 09:58:56 PST 2009

> > when you crank it with a starter, how does it sound?> Nice even pulses, or what?
Yes, nice and smooth.  It hiccups only after a long time cranking like it just wanted to start but didn't.  When towed, the engine spins smooth, but definately doesn't assist with any power.
> Someone killed the MIL light before they sold it?> GLow plugs are an emissions item, faulty glow plugs are an emissions > issue, so the light should glow solid. See if it (CEL or MIL light) > EVER lights up when you first turn the key on, or it could be with the > clutch out, and the tranny in gear, the interlock stuff should keep the > engine from starting, but all the dash lamps should light.
Hmm, yeah something might be wrong here.  All lights come-on when you turn the key (including the CEL/MIL).  The glowplug light comes-on, but does not turn-off as it normally should (the glow plugs do not cycle).  When you crank, all lights go-out, and after a long time cranking (and while towing in gear) the glow plug light starts flashing.  So, when towing in gear, the engine doesn't run (and doesn't want to), smokes white and no warning lights on the dashboard light-up - except the glow plug light starts flashing after some time.  The oil light works as it should.  And, the clutch interlock seems to function like it should.   I don't have to have the seat belt plugged-in do I!?
> > I'll go back and check compression and> > timing. I assume I can jumper the GP relay as well. I don't know> > what to do about checking the air flow meter or ECM though. If I> > unplug the electronics, but jumper the glow plugs and fuel stop> > solenoid, would the engine run in a 'limp' mode? What do you guys> > think?> > No, it won't.> Nice try tho.> You can run with an unplugged MAF sensor (mass airflow) in limp mode, > but not with "the electronics" disengaged. Not only do you not have > warp engines, impulse is down as well.> It could be fuel, but then it wouldn't smoke now, would it.> > You need Vag-Com.> -james> 
Well, that's a bummer, but not.  Having the right tools is always a help.  Gotta be excited about that!
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