[Vwdiesel] YeeHaa!

Greg Johnson gregsj2 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 15 21:23:40 PST 2009

When you post something general on a discussion board, such as my post about
the new Bluesport Concept, it's always interesting to see what lister's will
focus on.

With the new Bluesport there's much to talk about.   It's one of the few
diesel powered sports cars on the planet.  The interior and exterior styling
is way cool.  It's mid-engined and will therefore handle extremely well.
It's light weight (2600 lbs) which adds to the handling, creates a wonderful
power to weight ratio, and contributes to its 0-60 in 6.6 seconds time and
its awesome 55 miles to the gallon fuel economy (hybrid, schmybird).  Ah,
and lets not forget 140 mph!  The Blue Concept will run rings (Audi rings?)
around a Prius, deliver better highway mileage, and probably come pretty
darn close to the same in town fuel mileage, particularly if you drive it
like a Prius.   As I said: "Yeehaa!"

So, with all there is to talk about, I can't figure out why most of the
discussion is about a DSG tranny that VAG developed about 6 years ago and
introduced in the Audi TT in 2004.  Yawn . . .  Snooze

For those who are interested in the DGS, see


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