[Vwdiesel] Block heater location observations.

Will Taygan william at taygan.com
Thu Jan 15 22:50:43 PST 2009

I've got an older Zerostart coolant heater on the bypass line (water
pump to front of head) on the 81 diesel truck.  It warms things up just
great in the Alaska winters.  It does, however, make things a little
tight when checking the oil.

I installed a block heater on the 91 Jetta, quite a PITA to get the old
freeze plug out.

Will in Alaska.

On Thu, 2009-01-15 at 22:22 -0500, Terry Briggs wrote:
> Yes, the smaller line that runs diagonally from the head down to the 
> water pump
> On Jan 15, 2009, at 10:09 PM, James Hansen wrote:
> > So you put it in the smaller line then Terry?
> > I have to add a block heater to our 05 Passat, and an inline one would 
> > definitely be an easier install- and have better head heat in that 
> > location.
> > -j
> >
> > Terry Briggs wrote:
> >> I've not seen a thread for placement of block heaters other than the 
> >> stock location on the back of the block in the freeze plug. Well my 
> >> jetta has a broken ground on the stock freeze plug block heater. I 
> >> went and bought a block heater that goes into the lower radiator 
> >> hose. The book called for the 1" model. Well I got to looking at the 
> >> lower radiator hose and it's a bit bigger than 1", even at the narrow 
> >> section. I did however notice that the bypass line { I think that's 
> >> what it is} that runs from the head  outlet to the water pump is in 
> >> fact 1" Now I can't find a reference as to the purpose of this hose, 
> >> but it would appear it's a bypass line to circulate warm water back 
> >> through the block. Things like that tend to keep head temperatures 
> >> more stable and would allow for a decent thermo-siphon effect { if 
> >> that's what it is.}
> >>   Regardless, I installed the block heater and plugged it in last 
> >> night and it seems to work extremely well. I had a melted spot of 
> >> snow on the hood this morning. Only having the stock block heater on 
> >> the golf for comparison, this method of placement seem much more 
> >> effective. At only 400 watts, the head seemed warmer to touch that 
> >> with the stock location.
> >> At $26 shipped from amazon.com and ease of install, I would recommend 
> >> this to anyone needing to replace a bad freeze plug heater that 
> >> doesn't work any longer. It is the following heater  "Kat's heater " 
> >> Model # 14400  As a plus, I observed it awhile and it has an internal 
> >> thermostat of sorts as it cycles on and off, I imagine with the 
> >> temperature at the device.

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