[Vwdiesel] Gasoline for frozen diesel

brian gochnauer brian at gochnauer.net
Sat Jan 17 16:32:39 PST 2009

Thanks for the info Bill,

I have a case of Cold Flow Improver that I use when it goes below zero.
Have you used any of the Amsoil diesel additives regularly?

Wednesday when the temp high was -5F I saw a couple of semis on the side of
the road along the interstate,
 probably could have sold some of that Diesel Recovery Emergency Fuel
Treatment to pour in their fuel filters, for twice the price. ;)

On 1/17/09, William J Toensing <toensing at wildblue.net> wrote:
> reply to Brian Gochnauer. Brian, I know what you are going thru as I used
> to live north of you in Minne-snow-ta, Land of 10,000 frozen Lakes. That is
> why I moved to Calif. in 1969 at the then age of 36. I am now 75 &
> appreciate our warm, high '60s & low '70s. However that is abnormally warm
> here for this time of the year. I have the following will help you in
> dealing with your cold weather which I understand has been much colder than
> the last few winters. I have relatives still living in Minn. & have been
> keeping up on Minn.  news at www.startribune.com , the Mpls. newspaper. In
> case any of you are interested in the Grass Valley/Nevada City, CA. news,
> our newspaper's website is www.theunion.com
> I am an Amsoil dealer & just got my copy of the Jan.2009 "Amsoil Action
> News" today & they have announced a new product that those of you living in
> Alaska & the Midwest Tundra will be very interested in. It is called Amsoil
> Diesel Recovery emergency fuel treatment. It is designed to quickly dissolve
> gelled fuel, thaws frozen fuel filters, performs well in ULSD & biodiesel, &
> is alcohol free. Directions are to poor  contents into the fuel filter,
> which you have to remove or you can fill a new fuel filter instead, & the
> balance into the fuel tank. In reading the description I found they also
> have an additive you can add to your diesel fuel to prevent gelling. In
> reading the description of their Diesel Fuel Recovery I found they also have
> a product called "Cold Flow Improver" & "Diesel Concentrate plus Cold Flow
> Improver" to prevent gelling in the first place but not useful once gelling
> has improved. The cost is $10.85 per 30 oz. bottle or $129. for a case of
> 12. Canadian prices are higher. See your local Amsoil dealer or you can
> order on line at www.amsoil.com using my dealer number of ZO#2185 & I will
> get credit for the sale. You can also research these & other Amsoil products
> at their website, www.amsoil.com . Note the Amsoil headquarters is located
> in Superior, Wisc. so living in the Duluth, Minn. Superior, Wisc. area makes
> them very aware of cold weather problems.
> Bill Toensing, Amsoil dealer ZO#2185, Nevada City, CA
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