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Sun Jan 18 09:41:26 PST 2009

  You're allowed .002" warpage of the head.  So if it's about that 
then either find a place that uses a big belt sander to surface it
(they'll be cheaper than a place that mounts and mills it) or just 
spend a little time flat filing it with a large file.  Just be gentle and 
be concerned about the perimeter.  80% of the warpage is more 
of a "mushrooming" around the water jacket rather than the 
whole head "bending".  
  Heat shields ARE pretty much funky looking washers.  The 2-stepped, 
flat side goes up.  The rough-ish looking, dished side goes down. 
They're a sealing washer as well.  Keeps the carbon from cramming 
up between the injector nozzle and body.  With over 100K you might 
consider rebuilding the injectors.
  Check your exhaust valves for excessive play (bolt the cam back 
in and turn until the exhaust valves open).  Intake guides wear 
half as fast as exhaust, the valve stems don't wear like the 
exhaust do either.  For the price, I usually replace exhaust valves
rather than have them ground.  The valves usually always still 
seal well but the faces do wear concavely.  The seats wear 
convex.  It has to do with the wobble I think (valve guide and 
stem wear.)
  If the stems and guides are pretty good, it sounds like you could 
clean, flat file lightly, check the injectors, clean things WELL and 
put in a head gasket!  :-)

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