[Vwdiesel] More Quantum questions progress

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Why does it need new valves? Aren't the original valves likely to be sunk in 
further than new ones?
Inlet Valves begin to open 5 degrees after TDC, and Exhaust close 5 degrees 
before TDC. Does anyone remember how close the valve gets,whilst running 
away from the piston [exhaust] and chasing the piston [inlet] There may be a 
clue with those Samauri conversion chappies who use the valve open trick to 
find either side of TDC...


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>> Went to the local machine shop to pick up my head. He informed the head 
>> was
>> warped 11,000th of an inch &showed me. I had measured improperly, only 
>> along
>> the edges, so I learned something new.
>  Sounds more like it.  :-(
>    Loren
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