[Vwdiesel] New car to buy?

William J Toensing toensing at wildblue.net
Fri Jan 23 03:27:18 PST 2009

Before I could recommend a new or replacement used car to buy, I would have to know your budget i.e., how much can you afford to pay or how much do you want to pay? Next, I would need to know your priorities in what you want in a car. Economy, automatic, hatchback/stationwagon hauling capacity, large family? I know what I want & what I would buy today, if I had to buy a new car but I am not you. That said would be either a TDI Sportwagon if I didn't have to pay over MSRP or then a Prius. Dealers in the Sacramento area are getting $4000 over MSRP for a new TDI whereas the Prius is bringing a $1000 factory list price with immediate delivery. However, the question is academic for me as I can't afford a new car now. I would factor in a fuel price of $5 a gallon, not the temporary low cost of fuel. If you can wait, the new Honda Insight hybrid is supposed to be available this spring which is supposed to sell for less than a Prius. Also the 2010 Prius has been announced which is supposed to get even better MPG. Also coming is the 2010 Ford Fiesta hatchback & the VW Polo hatchback which is about the same size as your old Rabbit. Heard the Fiesta will have a diesel option in 2011. If the USA version Polo offers a diesel it should get 70 MPG as should a diesel Fiesta. I prefer a manual transmission but if I had to frequently deal with heavy city traffic I would want an automatic. 
Do you live in the Boston area or rural Mass.?
Bill Toensing, Nevada City, CA

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