[Vwdiesel] new car to buy??

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Fri Jan 23 07:18:50 PST 2009

Well, scratch the Veyron (sorry Stephen), it doesn't have the ground 
clearance for the volcanoe deal, however with some fat tires and big 
rims.... hmmm....
I think you'd be pretty happy with a tdi golf.
Hey, Rolf's Golf.  That has a nice flow to it.

Couple locals have them and have a Thule roof rack that holds a sealed 
ski box for travelling with kids.  There really isn't enough practical 
storage in a golf for travelling, so the roof rack doesn't kill mileage 
that bad, and is removable, holds  aton of stuff, unlike an SUV design 
that sort of kills mileage throughout the life of the vehicle, and is 
removable with a fire axe only.  Non-roof rack tdi golf mileage is 
consistently in the 60's for one guy I know. (imperial gallons)
98-99 golf should price out around 4-6 for a good one now?
That is, if you got the TDI Golf in the US, you did, right?  It's hard 
to keep it all straight...

check this out:

how's that for a long link.  It's at Bill Britt VW, an 03tdi golf  for 
7K.  Not too far from your stomping grounds if I recall, if the prius 
can make it that far...

Rolf Pechukas wrote:
> needs:
> basically, an 81 Rabbit that runs & drives like new
> #1: economy - 50+MPG, pref DSL
> #2: room for stowage/flexible interior space (i.e. hatchback, not sedan)
> #3: seat 4 people, ideally (2-door fine)
> #4: simple as tinkertoys to work on
> #5: feels like a stripped-down buffed-up miniature monster truck, like 
> something out of Road Warrior, or a dune buggy for driving on the side 
> of volcanos
> zat narrow it down any?

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