[Vwdiesel] new car to buy??

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> needs:
> basically, an 81 Rabbit that runs &drives like new
> #1: economy - 50+MPG, pref DSL
> #2: room for stowage/flexible interior space (i.e. hatchback, not sedan)
> #3: seat 4 people, ideally (2-door fine)
> #4: simple as tinkertoys to work on
> #5: feels like a stripped-down buffed-up miniature monster truck, like  
> something out of Road Warrior, or a dune buggy for driving on the side  
> of volcanos
> zat narrow it down any?

  Sounds like you want one of the ~'85 diesel Jeeps or the VW diesel 
conversion Suzuki Samauri.
  Actually the TDI B4 Passat has more versatile stowage space even in 
the sedan, than the Golf, surprisingly.  Seats 5, makes 45 to 50 mpg,
not quiet an off road car but decent clearance (Shalyn can attest to 
the Jetta NOT being an off road car!) Not QUITE as simple as a 
Rabbit to work on but they don't tend to NEED worked on either!

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