[Vwdiesel] More Quantum Questions, & progress

Gary Bangs gbangs at cfl.rr.com
Tue Jan 27 04:08:42 PST 2009

No turning of anything! I don't recall this 1/4 turn bit at all.

There are pointers all over the engine and they all must stay aligned whilst
putting  on the belt and tensioning.

If you really want to be techno-geeky, set the pump timing to 1.00mm at this
time as well.


William J Toensing wrote:
> Progress: Head taken to machine shop, surfaced, valves ground & adjusted. Have reinstalled head using ARC racing studs & assembly lube & torqued to 80 PSI. New timing belt installed.
> Questions: timing procedure. As I understand, procedure would be the same as on my Dasher diesel. 1)lock cam in back with the locking tool. 2) lock the injection pump in place by inserting the round locking tool, what ever it is called. Set engine at TDC turning engine until the "0" appears in the flywheel opening. (actually, I did this first, before installing the head). Then lock the flywheel in place so it can't move, using a screw driver jammed into the flywheel opening to prevent movement. Now my question. I think I read in the Quantum Bentley that after setting the flywheel at "0", you turn the engine 1/4th turn clockwise. Is this correct? It doesn't seem right to me. If correct, does this mean putting a wrench on the crankshaft nut & rotating it clockwise 90 degrees? 
> Note: For those of you who have not been following my discussion, this is a 1982 Quantum turbodiesel. 
> Bill Toensing, Nevada City, CA
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