[Vwdiesel] More Quantum Questions, & progress

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Tue Jan 27 08:49:05 PST 2009

  Set everything to the TDC and locked positions as you described.  
It's identical to your Dasher as it's an identical engine basically.
 Don't tighten the cam sprocket yet, just run the bolt in almost 
finger snug so that the sprocket will still turn but not be loose.
Put on your belt, set the belt tension, recheck that you're still 
on TDC and that the pump isn't one tooth off.  The pump tends 
to be just over a half tooth ahead if you don't rotate it back that 
little bit, even with it locked.  The lock pin should slide in/out very 
easily into the very shallow locking hole behind the gear, when it's 
  When all is happy THEN pull the cam lock, snug up the cam bolt 
and then I whack it with the heel of my palm so that it tightens 
before it moves.  Check that everything is still on (almost always 
is) then whack again or torque.  Now you can adjust the pump 
timing.  THIS is when you rotate the engine back roughly a quarter 
turn.  Put in your dial indicator and rotat backward until the dial 
stops rotating, set the face to zero on the indicator then rotate 
forward to exactly TDC.  Rotate the pump as needed to set to 
1.00mm.  If you plan to drive it on the highway mostly then I set 
to 1.02mm.  Tighten down the 3 pump bolts and one nut and you're
ready to put on the injector lines, etc.  Be SURE the cold start knob 
is in and also check the backside of the pump that the cable for it
is adjusted so the lever is against its stop BEFORE you set the pump

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