[Vwdiesel] More Quantum questions, progress

William J Toensing toensing at wildblue.net
Wed Jan 28 03:12:34 PST 2009

I have a dial gage for injection pump, camshaft locking tool, & injection pump locking pin, but can't find it so found a file that seemed to have the proper width to lock the cam & a socket with the proper diameter to lock the injection pump. I noted there were to positions I could lock the injection pump but one position had a little cut in the rear of one of the teeth of the IP sprocket which lined up with a mark on top of the IP & mounting bracket. I presume this is the proper setting for the IP. I have the timing belt installed with the proper tension set, I think, by twisting the timing belt 45 degrees, as per suggestion of a prior poster. Correct me if wrong per above.

Next: Got a sale flyer from "The Parts Place" in Mich. of a sale with up to 23% off. Decided I could use the proper injection pump locking pin, cam locking plate, & indicator tool for the IP timing. However, I then went  to eBay & found "buy it now" prices from Zdmark tools for about half the price of the equilivant Parts Place items. Can't be much difference with the tools except possibly the indicator tool for timing the IP. Appears the Zdmark tools are made in China (what isn't these days?) but wonder about "The Parts Place" tools. Or, is there a better place than either Zdmark or The Parts Place that I should shop. I don't want to be penny wise & pound foolish but don't want to overpay either

Bill Toensing, Nevada City, CA

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