[Vwdiesel] retorquing ARP head studs??

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Fri Jan 30 03:33:21 PST 2009


If you are using ARP or Raceware studs, DO NOT use Bentley for torque specs and procedures (what it sounds like when you talk about "another 90 or 180 degrees).  The big twist in Bentley it so accomodate PLASTIC deformation (past yield) of one-use fasteners, whereas the race studs are considerably stronger and meant to be loaded ELASTICALLY only.  Use the torque specs and procedures from the STUD manufacturer, but do a bunch of web search - especially on ARP - since, if memorsy serves correctly, their studs used on VW diesels are NOT designed for these engines, and you need some advice from others who have also found that they don't seal properly at the torques given for their original design purpose (i.e. different head and gasket to accomodate).


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From: Will Taygan <william at taygan.com>
Date: Friday, January 30, 2009 2:31 am
Subject: [Vwdiesel] retorquing ARP head studs??

> I've got 100 miles on the new gasket and am struggling with 
> overheating.
> I'm considering retorquing, especially around the recommended 600(?)
> mile mark.
> Anyone with Raceware or ARPs head studs with a retorquing opinion? 
> It seems a shame just to twist them all 1/8 or 1/4 turn since they're
> set so nicely. I suppose I could do it "carefully."
> I could break one at a time, or break all 10 in the reverse 
> pattern.  
> Then what, pull them out, grease them up again and do it all 
> over??  
> They're not torque-to-yield bolts, and I don't want to weaken them 
> withtoo much stress.
> Hmmmm..
> Will.
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