[Vwdiesel] Coolant and head gasket

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Fri Jan 30 09:08:37 PST 2009

If you want to see what the ending torque is then to the final torqueing with a torque wrench and move teh torque till you get the fianl setting. 
With the coolant I don't know if I am understanding fully but a few things would be the sensor for you gauge may be bad, radiator may be a bit plugged if it is the orignal or very old. Is the fan working and the sensor to turn the fan on. Not to mention is the fan turning on while this all is taking place (the over heating). You do need to have a good cap that has a opening at about 15 psi I think as that raises the boiling point. Also depending on you elevation you will boil sooner as well. If you do get to a point where you are overheating then turn you heater and blower on full. I have had to do that to cool it down when I had my faulty radiators in my car (no baffel, no routing coolant through radiator). Make sure you have a good thermastat that is either oem or looks like it as small differences can mess with flow. If you have a good radiator guy in town he can help you on this as I had to do to find my problem. They can also check for exhaust leaking in the coolant. How tight did you get the zip tie in the head. I am asking to see if you warped your head if you tighted it to much. 
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