[Vwdiesel] Retorquing ARP racing studs

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Fri Jan 30 18:23:42 PST 2009

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> If I recall correctly, the Bentley recommends torque to 43 pounds &then a 
> 180 degree then or two 90 degree turns. Wonder what that brings the effective 
> torque to?

  Stretch bolts are called such because the "torque" spec is NOT 
set by torque, otherwise there would be a torque spec for it.  It's 
obviously not consistent or they could issue a setting.  They're 
designed to have a certain elasticity so stretching them a certain 
amount/length gives the tension that is desired.  Think of it like a 
rubber band airplane.  "Twist it 25 turns or whatever.  It never 
said to twist to so many pounds of pull.  Due to variations in temp, 
the rubberbad thickness, length of the end hook, etc, the tension 
will vary.  The number of turns won't.

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