[Vwdiesel] More Quantum questions?-progress

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Hi Bill ;
    You probably just lost prime. Take the return line banjo bolt out of the
top of the pump and fill with diesel. Crank a few times. Then as someone
else is cranking or you use a remote starter button crack each line in turn
at the injector till it gets fuel and tighten. You should then be able to
glow it and start it, if it is in time. Rarely but sometimes a pump will
lose prime for no reason and yours sure had a reason.
Good luck
Brian Decker
Toledo WA
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> Finally get the Quantum's engine all back together. Then tried to start
it. No luck, not even a pop. Cracked the fuel line to #1 cylinder, no fuel.
Dido the return line from the #4 injector return line to the IP. However the
clear plastic line from the fuel filter to the IP looks like it is full, no
bubbles. I suspect the fuel on/off solenoid at the rear of the IP might not
be functioning. Would appreciating suggestions for trouble shooting it &
other possibilities. Before I took the head off, the car did run.
> Bill Toensing, Nevada City, CA
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