[Vwdiesel] 85 Jetta turbo diesel auxiliary radiator fan mysteries

W Davis iatse321 at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 4 10:36:06 PDT 2009

Thanks, Loren and Tony,

After searching around at part numbers, my guess is that the hose on this fan motor is just peculiar to the model of the fan assembly, and the operation of the car is not dependent on a whether there is a hose or not,
or for that matter, whether there are 3 or 5 blades...any thoughts on that?

All connectors look clean, nut the male pin connector on the
motor seems very loose, so maybe the problem is actually inside
the fan assembly itself.

I have a used assembly with 5 blades, no hose, first 3 digits
of the part number are 191 instead of 431.

My current plan is to put in a new temp swtich, replace the fan,
and go from there.

A Happy 4th to everyone,
and goodnight, norma, whereever you are. ;-)

Bill Davis
Clearwater FL 

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