[Vwdiesel] Bad wheel bearing, how do you narrow it down to the wheel?

Bryan Belman dieselwesty at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 8 12:41:19 PDT 2009

Thanks, I will try these simple tests first, a Growl is a good word for what I am hearing.

I did not know about testing the front wheels like that, sounds like a great test.

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> So, if one of those was bad, you think they would have seen it at the 
> shop and told me.

  Not necessarily.
  You can do a sloppiness check of the rears by simply putting your 
foot on the top/sidewall of the rear tires and rocking the car with 
it.  If there's clunking, they're loose.  Would have to be pretty loose 
to make much noise.  It should feel like a fairly bad rear shock when 
they're just a bit loose.
  Fronts are easy.  Set the P-brake, jack up one front wheel, run it 
up to about 50mph in 3rd, pop it in neutral, shut off the engine and 
go listen.  Do the same for the other front wheel.  Compare the 
  Front wheel bearings usually make more of a growl and it gets 
better/worse when turning to one side or the other, at speed.

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