[Vwdiesel] Loren, window cranking hard solution.

Sherwin Goff sherwingoff at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 14 12:47:24 PDT 2009

 Loren, didn't you ask me to let everyone know how my "window cranking hard" turned out?

I needed to understand the problem before I could apply any solution.

So here was the problem and here is the solution.
Y'all wanted to know how it went with fixing the window cranking problem on the driver’s side of my 1981 VW pickup.

It would not crank up and down like normal. (It cranked very hard.)

Well, there is an arched tube inside the door chamber that fastens to the window glass and the tube is a bit like the St Louis Arch. (Picture the St Louis Arch.)

This arched tube has a cable inside of it and as you crank the window up and down, this cable moves the window up and down because there is a bracket that fastens to the window with two bolts.

It seems that there are three felt bands that rap around the tube and these can rub (and put pressure) against the glass as it goes up and down.  One felt band is around the very top of the arched tube and at that point the tube was pressing too hard against the window glass and this pressure against the glass caused the window to crank up and down so hard that it had actually broken handles off of a couple of window cranks.

I took the tube (the arch) out and oiled it before I figured out what the problem was.  So I had to take it out again and bend the top of the arch away from where it was pressing too hard against the glass.  This little trick fixed the problem.

It is a little tricky to get the tube (arch) out, but by taking out the 6 bolts that hold it and then leaning the top of the arched tube toward the back of the vehicle it slipped right out and it when back in the same way.  

I had to lower the window all the way down to get at the two bolts that held the glass, and then hold the window up all the way with my hand (which is a bit tricky) while I took the tube out.  I then bent it a bit away from the glass and put it back in the door the same way it had come out.

Am I making any sense?  Do y'all understand what I'm talking about?  

If you have any questions, email me.

Sherwin Goff
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