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I find it quite enlightening and bewildering that others (India, for example) can take older technology and succeed with it. I know that the Mahindra is advertised to be based on a 1963 B-414 International Harvester tractor. I seem to recall that some Mahindra model was based on a 1948 version of an American tractor. I see that the company also builds the Europeon version of the Ford Escort, based on a deal with Ford in 1995. Would be interesting to have our diesel experts look at the specs for the Scorpio diesel engine and determine what the engine evolved from.    
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For many years, since VW quite making the Caddy pickup, many of us  
diesel heads have wanted a SENSIBLE diesel powered pickup. Most of us  
just don't need a 300hp Cummins or Powerstroke for everyday usage.    
Just when it looked like Chevy and Ford were actually going to deliver  
one, they have now withdrawn "temporarily" from contention.  Recently,  
my son-in-law sent me a link to the Mahindra website, you know,  
Mahindra tractors!  Anyway, they will be delivering a midsized  
(although it is technically a 3/4 ton truck, just a bit bigger wheel  
base than a Ford Ranger), CDI/CRD diesel truck starting late this fall  
or early next year.  Now don't laugh, they have been building trucks  
and other vehicles for use on the roads of India and Asia for many  
years now.  Anyway.  I just recently got some press information on the  
trucks in pdf form if anyone wants to see.  You can find out most of  
the stuff on the Mahindra website but this is the barebones vershion:

Available in 2 door long bed and 4 door short bed
2 or 4 wheel drive
2 door has a 7 1/2' bed
2.2 liter turbocharged common rail clean diesel engine
140 hp
Torque 236 ft-lb
Payload 2630 lbs
Towing Capacity 5000 lbs
Estimated fuel economy is 30 mpg (don't know if that is combined or  
highway, but probably combined)

If anyone wants a copy of the press release pdf, let me know and I  
will email it to you.  BTW I have signed up to test drive one and am  
on a waiting list just in case.  I  would love to get rid of the Grand  
Cherokee just on principle even though it averaged 20 mpg (low of 18  
high or 22) on my 4000 mile vacation trip.


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