[Vwdiesel] 95 Jetta TD Fuse panel wiring

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Ahhh, typical weedub wiring wisdom, I see.  All the multi-wire connectors are keyed enough differently or different enough in size that they only go into one spot on the fuse panel, so an ID embossed on them is unnecessary anyway, but the single wires......
Makes about as much sense as having a bad front turn signal bulb screw up the brake lights.
Remind me to stay away from VW forevermore.

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> These don't seem to relate connector-color-wise to the schematic (Fig. 5) 
> on page 97-4 of  the Bentley.  Can anyone tell me which wire goes where on 
> that schematic? 

  I only have a Bentley through '89 so I can't tell for sure.  Most all of 
the connectors will state the plug they go on.  They are letter 
designations.  Your plugs will somewhere, have a letter moulded into 
it and likewise on the panel.  The spade terminals are designated 
into letter groups as well and the wires go to a matching letter.  
The catch is the single wires don't have their letter embossed on them 
so you have to find those wire colors that terminate into the fuse 
panel and see what letter they're identified for the connection.  It's 
simpler than it looks so long as you keep track of where the plug 
groups are without having to unplug everything and look again.  ;-)
  It turned out to be easy enough that in my Rabbit, I just pulled the 
whole thing, fixed bad solder joints and plugged it all back in fairly 
quickly.  No frustration, etc.  :-)

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