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Wed Jul 15 14:10:30 PDT 2009

> > Remind me to stay away from VW forevermore.
> > >
>   Pretty much any car with the "european" lighting will do the same
> thing. Sorry, VW doesn't have an exclusive on bad electricals.
> Apparently not enough Lucas equipped owners in this group!
>   Feedback is less likely on the american lights where brake and turn
> bulbs are shared since they can't then feedback through the other
> one.
>      Loren
    Loren's thoughts on Lucas eletrics leads me to my younger days when I
was more car crazy than now. In the middle 60's I bought what in my opinion
is probably the prettyist car ever made. It was a 1958 Lancia Aurealia Gran
Tourisamo Spyder 2 seater convertable. It had an alloy V6 in the front along
with the clutch. It drove the rear wheels through a Porsche licence
transaxle in the rear. It had eletrical problems all the time and I took it
to more than one shop and asked if they would work on it. The mechanic would
ask what kind of electrics? and I would say Magnetti Morelli. The absolute
imediate answer was Oh God. I finaly got tired of fighting it and jumped
from one frying pan to another. I traded it in on a 1962 Lotus Elite Coupe.
A full monoque fiber-glass body including a fiberglass backbone. No steel
for Colin Chapman. It was basiacly his Formula two road racer made
technicaly street legal It weighed 1300 lbs and had a 78 horse Coventry
Climax engine. It was the best handaling car I have ever owned. It was
English and the coupe leaked like a sieve. The electrics were lucas and the
only good thing about that even though they are totaly unreliable is they
speak English. I finaly came to my sences and bought a 1958 Porshe coupe.
German engeneering, German body, and best of all German Bosch electrics.
Brian Decker
1981 VW Dasher diesel
1981 VW Rabbit pickup gas
1990 VW Passat 16 valve
1983 Mitsubishi 2.3 turbo diesel 4 wheel drive pickup
Many other rigs in Project mode

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