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This is similar to my father's camper,  except dad's is rust free and with the FIAT 1.9TD engine, and more elec goodies:
This is what my  camper looks like, but mine is a year older, and with a   1.6 1960's Vauxhall Cresta engine + Laycock overdrive, 8speed as haven't fitted the safety cutout ... :o)                

 I was after a splitty, but this has a 7ft wide body and a toilet and  yet is only15ft long "no regrets"

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  great thinking Mark, on the flat bar idea.  There is no slot in the back of the cam like a vw I guess.
  hope it comes all together for you and dad.  Do you have any links to pictures of this camper, would love to see them.

  Bryan Belman, Pt. Pleasant, NJ
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  92 Jetta 1.6 Eco-Turbo Diesel -- running :)
  82 Diesel Westy 1.9NA -- Not running :(
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  Well if you want info on a diesel FIAT,
  1) Don't ask on a FIAT forum.
  2) The Americano's  are a little thin on the ground too. [;o) Loren 

  Doing it myself as if it were a Quantum seems the way to go...
  So we accurately aligned cam to crank using a flat bar resting on the 2 cam 
  lobes for #1 and a long wratchet extension (assuming  they were symetrical)
  Timed the TD pump to a reasonable 1mm.
  Dad drove round the field a few times and has since said it's never started 
  so well and seems to be pulling up the hill better.
  He needs to get it on the road for some real testing...

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  > My father has a 1993 camper, with a 1929cc  FIAT turbo diesel engine. It 
  > is  very hard to find out about the correct timing. Alas FIAT dieselheads 
  > are still in kindergarden compared with the VW/Merc  chaps.
  > The engine started playing up recently.
  > It starts easily.
  > It seemed to loose power yet smokes under load.
  > Compression good, no coolant loss, but seems to be running hotter than 
  > usual and a louder clack-clack.
  > Found timing belt allignment marks out of sync:
  > At crank TDC (pulley mark), which I checked with the open valve bisecting 
  > two marks trick for accuracy, as no clutch housing mark :o(
  > 1)Cam is advanced one Cam Belt Tooth, and
  > 2) VE  Bosch injector pump is retarded 1 CBTooth
  > However, cam pulley is fixed to cam with a locating lug on cam, yet when 
  > bolt undone, found there is at least 1 CBT slop. Not down to wear. We have 
  > now put a sleeve over the lug to centralize the fixing.
  > Furthermore at TDC the pump is reading 60 thou. This seems very high, and 
  > as setting pump pulley marks with pump body would result in an even higher 
  > reading, that seems wrong.
  > Is it possible that 1.9TD FIAT engines, running  prechamber heads, and a 
  > VE pump and identical to VW 150bar Bosch injectors should be  timed so far 
  > in advance? IE 1.5mm, or even greater?
  > Why should a keyed cam have so much slop?
  > Mark
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