[Vwdiesel] Brakes 91 Jetta pedal to floor

mikitka mikitka at embarqmail.com
Thu Jul 23 17:25:09 PDT 2009

Well the brakes on my 91 jetta are telling me something is wrong. The pedal
got soft and slowly went to the floor. But then it pumped up and was fine
for a few days and now it started doing it again to the point of now it does
it all the time and when I do pump it, it is like the power brake part is
disconnected.  There are no visible leaks around the wheels. My parking
brake cable broke a week or so ago so I guess I need to check all four
corners on the car.  Any suggestions as to where to get and what to get in
the way of brake pads/shoes?  I notice while looking up at the Autohaus they
list one size. Is there a difference between the left and right parking
brake cable?  It looks like all the brake hardware except for the lining of
course is the original stuff. Would it be a good idea to change out the
front flexable brake hoses? The car has 220k on it.

At least I can wait since I got the truck to drive so getting what I need
from Autohaus isn't an issue.





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