[Vwdiesel] temperature gauge/sender on 82 NA diesel

brian gochnauer brian at gochnauer.net
Tue Jun 2 05:12:17 PDT 2009

Sender and guages should be used together as designed. They guage reads
electric current and is calibrated for a paticular style sender which allows
a current flow given a temperature.
Switching either out for other parts of unknown design may or may not work

On 6/1/09, ken1 <ktzkarz at embarqmail.com> wrote:
> Heat bothers me, especially when it comes to my 82 1.6L NA caddy.
> The temperature gauge has been setting at the low end of the gauge at about
> the third mark. Since my temperature sensors on the head are both 120 C, I
> decided to start a diagnosis process.
> First I documented how long it takes to reach operating temperature. In
> north Texas, this time of year, it takes about 4.5 miles of driving. Then I
> switched the temp gauge wire and the glow plug wire on the sensors. Went for
> a drive after the engine had cooled down. Same 4.5 miles and the needle
> stopped moving, but this time the needle settled at the center of the gauge,
> i.e., 6 1/2 marks on the gauge. The gauge stays there while driving
> at  68-70 mph. When the engine is idling and the fan cycles on, the needle
> drops to about 5 1/2 marks.
> When I measured temperature a hose near senders I got 78 C
> Top metal heater hose 67 C
> So I know I need to replace one 120 C sender.
> What is the optimum operating temperature of a 1.6L NA diesel engine?
> Is there any relationship as far as temperature range for the gauge?
> Is there a maximum temperature that can be registered on the stock gauge?
> What would happen if I connected the sender to a 150 C temperature gauge?
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