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You started it:
My world is weather based, it has never been colder, trends be damned.  We
just had 4 degrees of frost last night (probably have 1000+ acres to
re-seed), I have never seeded this late due to cold and snow in my life, and
it has snowed twice since seeding started (May 19). First time over a foot,
second time 4 inches.  Last time was on 22 may. Global warming trend my ass.
Imagine a world where theory isn't based on and supported by flawed computer
simulations, but on data. Actual real repeatable observable data, not flawed
simulations perpetuated by an idiots on lecture tours and a host of others
bellied up to the meetoo grant trough in a feeding frenzy of consensus.

But then again, here's some!
Sorry for the long read, but it's entertaining at least.
Read into it what you will, but it's hard to refute actual facts as opposed
to theory based on conjecture, based on fudged computer atmospheric models
(which is what started the whole CO2 model of global warming in the first
As follows:

Pouring cold water on global warming
May 15, 2009 . No Comments
Global cooling has arrived. Global warming is dead.
Belfast Telegraph | May 13, 2009
By Terri Jackson
There is now irrefutable scientific evidence that far from global warming
the earth has now entered a period of global cooling which will last at
least for the next two decades.
Evidence for this comes from the NASA Microwave Sounding Unit and the Hadley
Climate Research Unit while evidence that CO2 levels are continuing to
increase comes from the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii.
Professor Don Easterbrook one of the principle speakers at the recent World
Conference on climate change held in New York in March this year attended by
800 leading climatologists, has documented a consistent cycle of warm and
cool periods each with a 27 year cycle. Indeed the warm period from 1976 to
1998 exactly fits the pattern of climate changes for the past several
centuries long before there were any CO2 emissions. Greenland Ice core
temperature measurements for the past 500 years show this 27 year cycle of
alternating warm and cool periods. Recently the global temperature increased
from 1918 to 1940, decreased from 1940 to 1976, increased again from 1976 to
1998 and has been decreasing ever since.
However throughout this time CO2 has been added to the atmosphere in
increasing amounts. This point was brought out by at the New York conference
by Vaclav Klaus the rotating President of the EU and President of the Czech
Republic. If CO2 emissions cause temperature rises than why is it that every
27 years the earth climate switches to a cooling mode with decreasing
temperature? Clearly there is another explanation that does not include
humans. .
Nearly ten years into the 21 century it is clear that the UN IPCC computer
models have gone badly astray. The IPCC models have predicted a one degree
increase in global temperature by 2011 with further large temperature rises
to 2100. Yet there has been no warming since 1998 with a one degree cooling
this year being the largest global temperature change ever recorded. Nasa
satellite imagery from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California has
confirmed that the Pacific Ocean has switched from the warm mode it has been
in since 1977 to its cool mode, similar to that of the 1945-1977 global
cooling period.
The evidence that the earth is in a cooling mode rather than a warming mode
is there for all to see. the RSS(Remote Sensing System) in Santa Rosa
California has recorded a temperature fall of two to three degrees in the
Arctic since 2005, while US Army buoys show an increase in Arctic ice
thickness to 3.5 metres. North America has had two of its worst winters for
sixty years with the temperature in Yellowstone Park falling to a staggering
minus 60 degrees.
About 46" of snow fell in New York in two weeks! Last February Toronto had
over 70 cms of snow, more than anything since 1950! Snow has fallen in parts
of China and Asia for the first time in living memory while Britain had its
worst January for twenty years. Alps have best snow conditions in a
generation ran a newspaper headline last December. Strange indeed that the
BBC , who likes us to believe it is impartial does not mention these
freezing temperatures and Arctic conditions.
Some warming in the Antarctic has only been on a small 20 mile strip of the
Antarctic Peninsula as a result of the 1977- 1998 warming period. This is
insignificant compared to the overall size of the huge Antarctic continent.
Studies by the WeatherAction team(weatheraction.com) led by astrophysicist
Piers Corbyn and also the measurements of sun spots by the Institute of
Solar-Terrestrial physics in Irkutsk in Russia show that over the last 50
years solar activity has been at its highest for the past several thousand
The Russian physicists have analysed sun spot activity from 1882 to 2000 and
have noted that the minimum of the cycle of solar activity will occur around
2021 to 2026 and that we will be facing not global warming but global
cooling leading to a deep freeze around 2050.
The UN IPCC graphics have left out the medieval warming period (950-1300AD)
and the Little Ice Age (1350- 1850). This alters the picture entirely
and does not then portray the alternating warm cool warm cool cycle of
recorded world temperatures. Also statements put out by the UN IPCC are
unrepresentative of many of its members. I do not recall any votes being
taken of the opinion of members.
At the New York climate change conference in March as well as Vaclav Klaus
delegates also heard Dr Richard Linzen from MIT probably the leading
climatologist in the world today, as well as Professor Syun-Ichi Akasofu,
former director of the International Arctic Research Center, Dr Willie Soon
of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for astrophysics and Professor Paul Reiter
of the Pasteur Institute who all demolished the global alarmists case piece
by piece.
In his speech the EU President Vaclav Klaus had these controversial words
for the environmentalist lobby.
"Environmentalists-even mainstream environmentalists are less concerned
about any crisis posed by global warming than they are eager to command
human behaviour and restrict economic activity" He also said "their true
plans and ambitions: to stop economic development and return mankind
centuries back.
They are interested in their businesses and their profits made with the help
of politicians"
He got a standing ovation from the assembled audience.
His assertion about the involvement of politicians is not surprising. This
whole movement is in many parts a political movement with nearly all the
recognised climatologists throughout the world dissenting from the man made
global warming theory.
This can be seen on the US Senate Environment committee web site with over
700 leading climatologists from 24 different countries including Nobel Prize
laureates all dissenting from the man made global warming theory. It has
been well reported that at least one of the architects of Koyoto has strong
links with the New Age Movement which is not a movement that would promote
economic growth.
We have all recently noticed the escalating price of food. The reason for
this is because American grain, the breadbasket of the world, is
increasingly being turned into ethanol which has led to a three fold
increase of maize prices worldwide. This has the potential to cause
worldwide starvation!
Terri Jackson is a Queens graduate physicist, climatologist and formerly
founder of the Energy Group at the Institute of Physics, London.
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> Loren - I'm sure we both know better, but since you brought it up -
> The common term was changed to 'climate change' because 'global
> warming' is
> a gross oversimplification of the theory and prone to
> misinterpretation.
>  It's the *average* temperature that is increasing, which results in
> greater
> extremes (both high and low) and localized variations in weather
> patterns of
> all kinds.  And I don't know what's been happening where you are, but
> 'round
> these parts we've had record heat for something like 7 or 8 of the last
> 10
> years.
> You're right that there's not much talk about ozone depletion lately in
> the
> mass media, and that's really a statement about the media more than it
> is
> about atmospheric science.  Perhaps it has something to do with the
> fact
> that we've 'fixed' the cause of problem (more or less), now we just
> have to
> sit back and wait 50 years or so for the damage already done to work
> itself
> out.
> I see what you're getting at regarding ozone and sunlight during
> Antarctic
> spring, however you seem to be missing the point that it didn't start
> happening until we dumped a load of ozone-destroying catalysts into the
> air.
>  No coincidence.
> Last thing - memory starts to play tricks on you as you get older... I
> learned that lesson just a few days ago when I was talking to a
> coworker
> about a mutual friend of ours.  He asked how I knew her and I replied
> that I
> had dated her older sister about 15 years ago.  Well as it turns out,
> she
> doesn't have an older sister! :)  So how do I know her, and who was
> that
> girl I dated?  Beats me...
> What's my point?  Elimination of CFCs had zip, zilch, zero to do with
> 'global cooling' (or warming for that matter).  It was only due to the
> catalytic role that CFCs play in the destruction of ozone in the upper
> atmosphere.
> In fact, 'global cooling' was *never* a commonly accepted scientific
> hypothesis (which climate change *is*) - it was just a
> misinterpretation (by
> the media and public, not the scientific community) of a general
> cooling
> trend that was in effect from the mid-40s through the mid-70s(which, as
> it
> turns out, was largely due to changes 'albedo' - reduction in solar
> warming
> due to man-made particulates, soot, etc in the air).
> If you're interested, Wikipedia has a great summary of both topics:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ozone_depletion
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_cooling
> Tad
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> >
> > > started phase out R-12 freon because the experts said it was
> causing a
> > > growing hole in the ozone over Antarctica &Australia
> >
> >
> >   Anybody notice since the new "religion" became "global warming"
> > which is now being renamed "climate change" due to the lack of
> > warming temps for several years now, that there's been NO mention
> > of the "ozone hole"??  Of course nobody seems to remember that
> > about 15 years ago we had to stop using CFC produced styrofoam
> > and aerosol cans because it was causing global cooling!
> >  Ozone (O3)is unstable and self destructs. It's created when high
> > energy particles (sunlight) strike the atmosphere.  The "hole" was
> > always in panic size every antarctic Spring, which just happens to
> > be after several months of very little sunshine... coincidence I
> guess.
> > ;-)
> >
> >  I talked to an engineer (not sure in which field) several years ago
> > about propane refrigerant.  The characteristics are very close to
> > R-12 for temps and pressures.  As for fire hazard, most people are
> > running around with a dozen or more gallons of gasoline and think
> > nothing of it but freak out at the thought of a pound of propane
> > in the A/C!  There's NO air in the system unlike a gas tank.  This
> > guy said the Stoichiometric requirements of propane are MUCH more
> > narrow than with gas.  As he put it, if you do spring a leak, the
> odds
> > are much more in your favor it'll just leak out.  Too fast and it'll
> > be too rich to burn, leak too slow and it'll be too lean.  Just right
> > and you'll have a short term blow torch but those odds are really
> > small.  Much better odds your fuel line will already be burning.  Get
> > a leak inside and you'll know it unlike with R-12.
> >     Loren
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