[Vwdiesel] More Quantum Questions?

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That  DAMN Bentley manual did not cover this in the A/C section! Also found 
My  Quantum still has that STUPID worthless  USA made York A/C compressor. 
If  that compressor needs replacement, that boat anchor will be replaced 
with a  Japanese Sankyo rotary type A/C that my Dasher has.

  Since A/C wasn't a common item on older and compound that with 48hp  
DIESEL cars, it's 
probably covered under the alt. section or engine, pertaining to  
  One thing about the "stupid" York compressors is they nearly never  die 
and if they do you 
can DIY rebuild them.  Keep oil in them and they're pretty well  
bulletproof.  Bulky, heavy, 
and not as efficient but that wasn't the goal when they were  invented.
  Most efficient compressor I've seen is on Fords starting about mid  80's. 
 Dad's '86 pu 
would crank out 36F air, at an idle, fan on high, on a 90F+ day!  That  was 
for the short 
while the charge would stay up to full.  :-P
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