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Hi  Peter;
    If most of what you are worried about is accelerating onto the
freeway how about propane injection? Some of the Ford, Chevy and Dodge
diesel pickup boys use it to get power on the hills. For performance it
apparently works pretty much like NOS does in a gasser.
Brian Decker
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 There's some major spots under the passenger and drivers side
doors in the body of the car, and a large spot on the bottom of
the windshield. Could be fixed I'm sure, what really is beginning
to bother me about the car is that it just doesn't have enuf power
to safely navigate the socal freeways. There r instances where I am
not able to get up to speed fast enuf to merge safely w traffic.
I'd love to find the equivalent car w a turbodiesel in it.

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> It has 160k on it and the
> body has
> some rust issues, the ac doesn't work and I've come
> to the conclusion
> that I don't want to put major money into a car worth
> $1500 at best.
> 160K isn't bad, what kind of rust? Rust
> Mort is great for stopping
> rust. If fuel prices go back up it'll probably be
> worth $4k again this
> summer!
> Loren
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