[Vwdiesel] Head gasket thickness & compression levels

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The last Normally Aspirated Engine I built I had the Machine Shop
individually fit and mill the tops of the Pistons to use a 1 notch Gasket
with exactly the same protrusion for each Piston.  Ran very smooth with lots
of power.  I think it made quite a difference.  May be the best runner I've

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Question for the forum. Lets say you decided to not measure the amount your
piston protrudes out of your block and you just go with the thickest head
gasket. Now if the engine truely could have ran on the thinnest head gasket
then what would the compression difference be between the two. Also What is
the ideal compression for the vw to run the most efficient? I have heard a
few different stories and tdiclub.com there is any argument going on the
head gasket thing and the best compression thing. I was told that the vw has
higher compression for starting reasons but a lower compression is more
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