[Vwdiesel] 1985 Jetta GL turbo: Canadian?

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My Canadian 1995 Jetta TD  (when VW was not selling diesels in the USofA) has a metric instrument cluster (Mileage in KMs, etc.).
I'd guess the French manual was included in all the exported cars at that time, kind of like how anything you buy today has French/Japanese/Chinese/Swiss/German/etc. sections.  

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Subject: [Vwdiesel] 1985 Jetta GL turbo: Canadian?
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I recently bought a 1985 Jetta GL turbo; it has been very
well maintained, and is in beutiful shape for it's age.

(My second '85 diesel Jetta.  :-)  )

VIN indicates it was made at the Wolfsburg factory; 
the CarFax report doe not give the original dealer's location,
just says the car was shipped to original dealer in 1985.

I am wondering if the car was originally 
shipped for sale in Canada, since the car came 
with 2 owner's manuals in a plastic bag, 
one in English, and one in French.

My question is, if the car was made for sale in Canada, 
would there be anything different from a car made for sale in the US?

Many thanks

Bill Davis
Clearwater FL

PS: I have followed this list for several years..the info 
you all have posted has been invaluable.

Many more thanks for that. :-)

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