[Vwdiesel] Hello all, it has been to quite so here are my monday am updates

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We just had 29 days straight here in the NW with no rain, I think it was a
record, getting a little now though.  We needed a little it'll probably rain
now till after July 4th as usual.

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Oh, what year did they do the TDI in A3 Jetta.  I saw what I think was a
96 Jetta TDI on my way to work today.  It just said Jetta, not Jetta III.

I leased a Jetta III for 3 years, it was a 95 and it said Jetta III on the
back lid.  Then they dropped the III in 96 for some reason??? when the did
the Trek gimick.

This was a nice looking Jetta with real nice BBS rims and tires.

I got my new 11 tooth drive gear for my Odometer, so that should fix me up
unless my peen fix on the internal metal drive gear fails, but I think that
gear is ok for some years.  That is ready to fix and test, then I can
finally get my isnt. cluster back in the van.

I got my week starter relay on order and that will fix my starting issues.

Then to test drive the van and see how she really runs, just have had no
free time to do these things.

And Rain, lets not talk about rain in the North East.  Anyone else need any?

Bryan Belman, Pt. Pleasant, NJ
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