[Vwdiesel] 1998 tdi no start

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Yeah, sounds to me like the turbo is iffy on it. 

Proper oil for that car is 5w40 synthetic.  I usually get the Shell Rotella T stuff at Wal-Mart.

I change the oil in my TDI every 10K miles with no problems (factory recommended).  The guys on TDI Club have done oodles of research on the issue and found that the TDI can actually go much further on an oil change than that.  Crazy.  My Rabbit needed its oil changed every 3K miles regardless of the oil used.

Good luck with the TDI.  Sounds like it'll be a nice car once you're done fixing all the issues.


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>> So, one more question for the list; stuck rings, bad turbo...?  How can you 
>> test the difference?
>  You could disconnect the hose between the turbo and the intercooler. 
>Only thing is it'll probably go into limp mode at best due to no flow 
>across the MAF but it's worth a try.  Limp or not if the smoking starts 
>and you get sprayed with oil mist from the turbo outlet, then you 
>know it's the turbo!
>  I just had a little issue with burning oil.  Accidentally let the pickup 
>go the "book recommended" 7,500 mile oil change interval instead 
>of my usual 5K.  It was smoking smelled like oil, etc.  If you had 
>thin oil then give it a little time after changing it.  Maybe flush out 
>the intercooler, etc.  You could have blowby in the intake that needs 
>to work out and you may have some coking on the rings that should 
>clear out with a little running on proper oil.  You could try synthetic 
>since it should clean better and won't coke while it works past and 
>cleans the rings. 
>    Loren
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