[Vwdiesel] That squelling fan in my 92 A2 Jetta, I know some of you have ...

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> Any anyone else come across this sealant holding the fan in the housing in 
> addition to the 6 screws?

  Never had any sealant on mine but the price I found on a 
replacement fan made me wish I'd never tried to oil the original!
You have to remove the passeger end mounting bolt (open the 
door and you can see it) to loosen up the dash then you have 
to pull it out as far as you can without bending it to get enough 
clearance to pull the fan and motor.
  By the time I got the fan off the motor the shaft had slid in the 
armature.  I managed to get it lubed and running but it never 
sounded right after that.  I was able to get a replacement for 
$40 or something like that and so I did.
  The housing DOES come out without pulling the dash.  Had my 
heater core done at the dealer and I was out of there in less than 
2 hours.  Book was something like 6 iirc.  I did the A/C evaporator 
in a couple hours and didn't pull anything more than you have.  You 
have to pop some clips, a couple of which you can't put back but 
it all works. :-)

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