[Vwdiesel] That squelling fan in my 92 A2 Jetta, I know some of you have oiled them

Bryan Belman dieselwesty at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 9 15:16:01 PDT 2009

Thanks Sandy, that gives me Great Hope.  Any my wife wonders why we love these cars, because we love to fix them, right!!!
For as little $$ as possible.

OK, I needs some help on this one but sound like it can be done.

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From: Sandy Cameron <scameron at storm.ca>
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Subject: Re: [Vwdiesel] That squelling fan in my 92 A2 Jetta,I know some of you have oiled them

I have lived with them for 18 years in goldie, (due to be retired this
spring due to advancing structural failure) and learned ALL the tricks.

The bearings are cheap sleeves and seem to complain , in cold weather
especially, unless lubbed every year. It is very expensive to replace with a
new one, $200 + from the FLAPS.

Getting it out:

You have done it right so far. If you have removed all the screws (I think
six is right) you use a pair of flat blade screwdrivers to pry it off the
air box, working around the flange. The goop is sticky, but will let go with

So far so good, now the tough part, getting it out. 

It will NOT pass out past the lower dashboard rail. Shops remove the dash
assy. at great expense.  

The first time I did it, I removed the bolt/screw at the right hand end of
the dash just below the A pillar.
The  Door has to be open to get at it.There is also an L bracket at the
right hand end below the glove compartment that holds the bottom right end
of the dash to the right hand wall/side of the footwell.

Having done this, using a suitable pry bar, you can pry the right hand end
of the dash far enough rearward to get the fan assy out...Two people makes
this go much easier, one to pry and hold, the other to frig with the fan.

After a couple of occasions of doing this, I stuck a hacksaw blade in my
jigsaw, and removed enough of the lower "kneecapper" rail, to get the fan
out without all the above foolishness. Also discarded the highly flamable
black fuzzy cosmetic dressing (yes, I had a fire once, but managed to save
the car) and some of the useless plastic.


Oiling....The rear is easy, just remove the rubber plug, clean up a bit with
brake cleaner or WD40, apply oil and work in .

But its always the front bearing, exposed directly to outside air, dampness,
and carrying the weight and ecentricity of the impeller, that takes most of
the beating.

You might be able to remove the snap washer that "holds it on" and press it
out of the plastic impeller, but I doubt it. it will be rusted on.

I drilled a hole in the hub close to the shaft, angling it inward a bit, and
came through exactly at the bearing. Apply copious washes of various
solvents while rotating, then lube with 3-in-one electric motor oil.

If you are a purist about balancing, drill another identical hole on the
other side of the shaft.

One other thing, and Yes! , this works.

2 years ago, the ancient blower in goldie started to knock against the
housing,and could not be placated.

I hauled it out again, and found that the bearings had worn egg-shaped.and
allowed the armature and turbine to sag down and rub.

No way am I going to splurge over $200 on this high-mile rusted out hulk for
a new blower now.

Looked at it for a while and decided the wear was gravity-induced. Just flip
it over 180*, right?  Removed the 2 screws that hold the motor in the
plastic carrier, enlarge the terminal holes because they are off center and
won't fit now, and put it back upside-down. 
Gravity now presses the shaft onto the fresh, never-used side of the
bearings, and off we go (do not attempt flying upside-down)

Still working OK 2 years later

(Music;, March from Saul)

Poor old goldie, 540,000 km, is coming apart due to rust and corrosion,
shock towers disolving, rockers filled with foam, bottom edges of doors have
disapeared, Hinges have been bandaged with slabs of metal tacked over
remaining metal, drivers seat falling through the floor, held up with
coat-hanger wire.....so sad. Had it for 19 years, longer than most marriages
these days

The 89TD, less than 1/2 the mileage, sits in the garage, waiting for my leg
to finish physio, (coming along nicely, thank you)  then goldie will become
an organ donor for the 89.

Good luck


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