[Vwdiesel] That squelling fan in my 92 A2 Jetta, I know some of you have oiled them

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Mon Mar 9 17:29:45 PDT 2009

My fan only squeals when it is on 2 and I make a right hand turn. Go figure.
And then it is more like a bird chirping.


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I finally got the glove box and the useless "stuff" tray or knee bar across
the lower dash off the Jetta last night to expose the back of the fan plate.
Center console and passenger seat is out as well.
Took the 6 screws out.  NO GO, this fan would not move.
Then I got my light in there closer, it has some type of "factory looking"
grey sealant around the edges of the back fan plate sealing it to the
gigantic heater housing assembly.

So, before I go any farther, as I will need to somehow cut the seal with a
razor blade, are you sure there is enough room to get the fan out WITHOUT
removing the dash.  I have about 1/2 " of clearance in front of the fan
motor until it will hit the bottom of the dash.  If when it comes out I can
angle it down, then it may clear the lower dash edge.

Mind you, this is 1992, last of the A2 cars, so maybe they changes
To remove the entire heater/air box would mean removing the entire dash,
MAJOR work.
My fan only squeals when it is really cold out and winter is about over, so
it can wait until next year, but I have it all apart now and would like to
do it now.
Any anyone else come across this sealant holding the fan in the housing in
addition to the 6 screws?
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